5 Innovative Job Hunting Techniques

This article explains about 5 Innovative Job Hunting Techniques

Okay, you’ve posted to every internet job board and every job on Monster, CareerBuilder, and HotJobs, and you’ve received several responses.

You’ve made phone calls and networked until you’re blue in the face, and you’re exhausted. Every Sunday, you go through the newspaper and apply for every job that is available in your industry, with little to no success. Well, here are some unconventional approaches to finding work.

Send Half of Your Curriculum Vitae

Find a firm where you would like to work. Create an excellent cover letter that explains why you are a good fit for the position and includes a link to your resume. Do not seal the envelope, and do not include a résumé with your application.

They’ll believe the resume was misplaced in the mail. They will call and initiate a chat with you. Sell yourself without any regret.

Prospecting Letters Should Be Written

Make use of direct mail’s compelling ability. Locate 5-10 companies that you are interested in. Prepare a letter and send it to your network of contacts, asking them if they know anyone who works for any of the companies on your list of contacts.

When a contact indicates that they know someone on your list, email them your CV and ask them to forward it on to their contact, or ask permission to send it on on your own initiative.

Email Chain Letter (also known as e-mail chain letter)

List 20 firms you’d like to work for and send out an email to everyone you know asking if they know anyone who works for any of the companies on your list. If they do, ask them to get in touch with you so that you can ask for a recommendation.

Finally, request that they forward your email to a further ten recipients. If you are currently working, however, you should avoid doing so!

Create and Distribute a Booklet

Create a brochure that contains information that is important to your sector and distribute it. Everyone like free knowledge, and your ability to provide it indicates your expertise. Distribute the pamphlet electronically and post notices about it on newsgroups where hiring managers are likely to encounter it.

Make a phone call to Human Resources.

It sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it? Make a phone call to the human resources department. Inquire as to which outside agency or third-party recruiting firm they have used in the past.

They will inquire as to your motivation for wanting to know. Inform them that their company is not currently seeking for someone with your skill set at this time, but that the agency may be working with other companies, and that you are hoping for a referral from them.

It is possible that they will ask you to come in for an interview. If not, at the very least you get a lead. They would welcome the opportunity to avoid paying the agency fees. Additionally, being suggested garners you additional attention. Send them a thank-you note for their assistance.

Guerilla tactics are a type of strategy that can produce greater results. Make sure to keep your body in shape for the next 5 inventive ideas.

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