7 Natural Wonders of the World

The 7 Natural Wonders of the World

Only a small percentage of individuals will ever experience all of the incredible natural treasures that the Earth has to offer. Seven preliminary winners that outrank other wonderful views were revealed in a global popularity vote. These seven world natural marvels are the Northern Lights, Grand Canyon, Paracutin, Mount Everest, Rio de Janeiro Harbor, Victoria Falls, and Great Barrier Reef.

To really appreciate the size of many of these naturally occurring displays, an aerial perspective is necessary. These seven natural wonders ought to be at the top of the bucket lists of intrepid travellers, daredevils, backpackers, expats, and tourists.

7 Natural Wonders of the World

Number 1: The Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis.

For visitors to the Northern Hemisphere, the Northern Lights have become a thrill. The Northern Lights are auroras, which are mysterious displays of light in the sky that occur naturally. Along the northern horizon, a soft glow is produced by the northern lights as they dance across the sky.

As you get further north, closer to the Arctic’s magnetic pole, the northern lights become more intense. Unfortunately, because the northern lights only sometimes occur, it can be difficult for travellers to observe them while on a short trip. Locals in these northern locations are more likely to encounter them.

There are many interesting places to visit in the world when planning a trip to see the northern lights. The northern hemisphere’s most remote regions, such as Canada’s far north, Alaska, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, are the greatest spots to view the northern lights.

In the winter, there is a higher chance of viewing the Northern Lights. They happen all year long, but the winter’s dark sky make them easier to spot.

Number 2. The Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and you only need to stand on its rim once to understand why. There are no better views in the world than those offered by the Grand Canyon’s vast and vibrant terrain.

The majority of visitors travel to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, where they spend the entire day taking in the views from the overlooks that line the canyon’s rim. Take one of the many hiking routes down into the canyon if you are in decent shape and want a more immersive experience. Consider taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour for a less taxing option to create lifelong memories.

Visit the Geological Museum to find out more about the creation and geology of the canyon if you’re curious. You may get a wonderful view of the rock layers in the canyon wall from Lipan Point on Desert View Drive.

The Grand Canyon is in Arizona, in the United States. Phoenix and Las Vegas are the closest big cities.

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Number 3. Paricutin.

Due to the fact that this natural wonder is located in Michoacán, Mexico, even frequent travellers might not be familiar with Paricutin. Even more so than well-known volcanoes like Yellowstone, this cinder cone volcano was dubbed one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

In 1952, Paricutin last erupted. Due to the fact that people were present for its birth and quick formation, it was named one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Either on foot or a horse, you can make the twelve-mile roundtrip journey to the volcano’s summit. Around the volcano, hikers will traverse lava fields and sandbanks.

Anytime of the year is a good time to visit Paricutin. From Mexico City, it takes roughly seven hours to get there. For a taste of both nature and culture, combine a trip to the volcano with a visit to the nation’s capital. In the city of Urapan, accommodations can be obtained close to the volcano.

Number 4. Victoria Falls.

Africa’s Victoria Falls is situated between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Zambezi River feeds this magnificent waterfall.

Visitors can reach the falls from Livingston, Zambia, and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. To see this wonderful natural beauty from many angles, cross the border. The best views are from Zimbabwe, but Zambia offers a closer look. Another fantastic method to view the falls is through helicopter and microlight tours. If you’re feeling courageous, think about taking a dip in the Devil’s Pool, which is practically on the Zambian side of the falls.

From late November until early April is when it rains. Right after this, when the weather is nice but there is still a lot of water flowing over the falls, is a fantastic time to visit.

It’s simple to go to Victoria Falls whether you fly into Zimbabwe or Zambia. The closer and busier of the two airports is Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport (LVI) in Zambia. Most travellers take a flight into Johannesburg before continuing on to the falls. Keep an eye on the weight of your luggage because the smaller aircraft landing at these airports have lesser weight restrictions.

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Number 5. Mount Everest.

The height of Mount Everest is roughly 29,029 feet. Mountaineers believe this mountain to be the highest point on Earth, however Mauna Kea in Hawaii holds the record for being the tallest mountain in the world. Near the boundary between Nepal and Tibet, China, Everest is located in the Himalayan mountain range.

You still have options if you don’t want to climb Everest. For an incredible aerial view, visitors can arrange a flight around the peak. To truly experience Mount Everest’s beauty, adventurous hikers can make the climb to base camp. As an alternative, you can get a distant glimpse of the mountain while relaxing in a lodge in a Nepalese hill resort.

Number 6. Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef, which is the biggest coral reef in the world, supports a variety of ecosystems and has over 900 islands and almost 3,000 different reefs. It spans a vast area of the ocean, much of it far offshore, with a length of about 2,300 kilometres.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore the Great Barrier Reef’s wonders on boat rides and excursions. It is possible to plan snorkelling or diving excursions, which offer chances to see coral, fish, and other aquatic life. Tours might be single-day excursions or multi-day journeys. Cairns, Port Douglas, and the Whitsunday Islands are popular starting points for reef exploration.

Number 7. Harbor of Rio de Janeiro.

Granite pinnacles and mountains with flora covering them encircle Rio de Janeiro’s harbour. Corcovado Peak, Sugar Loaf Mountain, and the Tijuca hills are among well-known landmarks that surround the bay.

It is customary to take the rack train to Tijuca National Park in order to view this natural wonder. The Christo Redentor statue is located at the highest area, on top of one of the granite peaks that overlooks the bay, where you can reach it by doing this. Take in the stunning views of the mountains in the distance and the lovely beaches below you from the viewing platforms.

A helicopter tour of Rio de Janeiro’s harbour will give you a jaw-dropping experience and a chance to see the city from above.

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