Apple 12.2.1 Macbook

Macbook computer users have been complaining about a battery drain issue since the macOS 12.2 update, which is preventing them from fully benefiting from operating system upgrades.

Product-maker Apple has revealed in its most recent iOS update how the new update has fixed issues with battery drain.

The company had previously stated that its latest 12.2.1. version would contain critical fixes for “an issue for Intel-based Mac computers that may cause the battery to drain during sleep when connected to Bluetooth peripherals,” and this may have effectively put to rest the various concerns of its teeming Macbook users.

Many MacBook users had complained to Apple about their device’s battery life, claiming that their Mac would drain out even when in sleep mode, and that it would also be completely drained overnight.

Further investigation by some users revealed that Bluetooth was the primary cause of the drain, but other users claimed that even if they turned off their Bluetooth settings, the problem persisted, causing even more confusion for many people.

Updates for iOS, iPad, and watch operating systems were released on Thursday and included a bug related to Bluetooth. Apple has now confirmed that it worked on a fix. Users of iPhones running iOS 15.3.1 are urged by Apple to upgrade immediately.

To prevent the device from becoming a target for hackers, Apple has made a number of security improvements that can be found on its security page. In addition, a bug with a “braille-related accessibility feature” will be fixed in the latest update, Apple Track says. There are no security updates in this release of the Watch OS 8.4.2, according to the Verge.

To perform a software update on a Mac, go to System Preferences, then Software Update in the Finder. After refreshing, the user will see that the 12.2.1 update is ready to be run and installed by selecting the “Update Now” option.



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