Backlash over “malicious fiction” is brought on by Netflix’s “The Crown.”

Backlash over "malicious fiction" is brought on by Netflix's "The Crown."

The Crown, a popular Netflix series, has drawn a lot of criticism for its “damaging and vicious fiction” since it is believed that the future season would reflect negatively on King Charles.

In November, season five of the well-known show, which examines Queen Elizabeth’s reign in the 1990s, will be available to stream online.

Sir John Major, a former British prime minister, responded to the rumours by calling the programme “a barrel-load of crap.”

“There was never any conversation about any potential abdication,” John’s spokeswoman claimed.

Sir John has not – in any way – assisted The Crown. And they have never asked him to fact-check any scripted material for this or any other series, he continued.

The prime minister and the monarch’s conversations are completely private and will always remain so, according to Sir John.

Prince William also expressed his displeasure with the programme because he believes it is capitalising on the BBC Panorama interview with his mother, Princess Diana.


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