Blocking mentions on Twitter might be possible

Blocking mentions on Twitter might be possible

There’s speculation that Twitter is looking into ways to give users more say over their feeds. Engineer and researcher Jane Manchun Wong claims that this service is developing a function that will allow users to control who can be mentioned by blocking their handles or limiting mentions to those who follow them.

Such a system, if put into place, could aid users in hiding their identities or avoiding unwanted tweets. Although the functionality has been spotted, its expected release date remains a mystery.

Some of Twitter’s most useful recent updates have appeared in the last month alone. Over the past few updates, the platform’s developers have prioritised audio. Although the new Spaces version was released in August, it wasn’t until this past month that it became available to iOS and Android users.

After undergoing a transformation, Spaces is now a premier audio destination where users can tune in to a variety of podcasts and listen to live and recorded audio content from the Spaces community. Additionally, it has recently focused more on video, providing users with a novel, more engaging way to watch videos like the widely used short-form video app TikTok.

Perhaps the most significant change was that Twitter allowed users in areas where the feature was available to edit their tweets. That’s something that’s been requested by users for a long time. Many of the new features that Twitter has been adding recently require a monthly subscription to Twitter Blue, which costs $4.99.

Privacy on the platform may soon require payment in the future, although no one knows what other features it will lock behind a paywall.


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