Career as Operation Theatre Technician in Pakistan

Career as Operation Theatre Technician in Pakistan

This article is intended to provide and impart information to students interested in pursuing a BS in operation theatre technology. This article will provide you with concise course details, different courses, and career scope details related to a degree if you want to become an Operation Theater Technician.

Because this is a job-oriented degree in Pakistan, students pursue it to obtain employment. Operation Theatre Technology, Operation Theatre Management, Operation Theatre Techniques, and Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technology are all variations of this course.

Who are the operation theatre technicians?

Operation Theatre Technicians work in the medical field. They are the ones who are in charge of various responsibilities such as

  • They assist surgeons.
  • They are in charge of organising surgical equipment and sterilising instruments prior to surgery.
  • They also look after the anaesthetic equipment.
  • They also carry out surgeons’ orders.

Where do they provide services?

Hospitals, Intensive Care Units, and the Emergency Department all employ OT Technicians. Operation theatre technicians are a group of people who look after doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

There are numerous universities that offer this degree; however, each university has its own application process and criteria.

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BS in Operation Theatre Technology

A major source of anxiety for college students is the uncertainty surrounding their employment prospects once they have earned their diploma. To meet the growing demand for experts in the field, a career in Operation Theatre Technology offers a wide range of job opportunities.

When it comes to professional training and academic coursework, the Operation Theatre Technology programme is one of the newest and most promising. There is a need for more medical science professionals as the field becomes more complex and nuanced.

Before we get into the scope of operation theatre technology, let’s talk about some of the qualifications that must be met. Those who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine but have not yet earned their FSC degree must do so. It takes a total of three years of study to complete the degree. A large number of universities require applicants to take an entrance exam before they can enrol in a bachelor’s degree programme.

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Operation Theatre’s scope

You can find operating theatre technicians in private and public facilities. Those who work in the operating room can also take higher-level examinations in order to become instructors and educators. As far as their primary duties go, an OT technician is in charge of the operating room and is in charge of handling equipment and doing so with due care and caution, among other things. All hospitals that perform surgery require Operation Theatre Technologists, specifically:

  • Urology
  • Neurosurgery
  • General Surgery
  • Gynecology Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery


Operation Theatre Technician: This is the first career path that is available to students. The OT Technician is responsible for the handling of lab equipment as well as the lab’s maintenance procedures. These professionals work in hospitals’ operating rooms, intensive care units, and emergency rooms.

Associate consultants: After earning a bachelor’s degree, you can pursue the second career option. Associate consultants provide services to clients and are also in charge of supporting and leading the project for the chief consultants.

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Anesthetist consultants: Following you, anesthetist consultants are another option. During the procedure or surgery, anesthesia consultants advise on the appropriate level and dosage of anesthesia for the patient.

Lab Technicians: Lab Technicians are primarily responsible for handling and managing lab equipment as well as the lab’s maintenance phase.

List of the institutes offering BS Operation Theater

  1. Faisalabad Medical University, Faisalabad
  2. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, Pims Islamabad
  3. Mirpur University Of Science And Technology, Mir Pur (ajk)
  4. The University Of Faisalabad, Faisalabad
  5. The Superior University, Lahore
  6. Al- Hamd Islamic University, Quetta
  7. Abasyn University (sub Campus), Islamabad
  8. D. G. Khan Medical College, D.G.khan
  9. Aziz Fatimah Medical And Dental College, Faisalabad
  10. Independent Medical College, Faisalabad
  11. Capital College Of Health Sciences, Islamabad
  12. Allied College Of Health Sciences ,Khanewal
  13. Akhtar Saeed Medical And Dental College, Lahore
  14. Central Park College Of Allied Health Sciences, Lahore
  15. Gulab Devi Educational Complex, Lahore
  16. Dr Yahya Institute Of Medical Sciences, Layyah
  17. Allied College Of Health Sciences, Multan
  18. Hafeez Institute Of Medical Sciences, Peshawar
  19. Sialkot Medical College, Sialkot
  20. Wazirabad College Of Pharmacy, Wazirabad
  21. Laeeque Rafique Institute Of Medical Sciences & Nursing School, Multan
  22. Times Institute, Multan

Final Thought

The Bachelor of Science in Operation Theater Technology is one of the most popular degrees today. This is one of the best job-oriented degrees because it provides students with a wide range of job opportunities. There are many universities in Pakistan that offer this degree; choose the best one for you.

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