Duties of merchandiser in the garment industry

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What is the job of a Garment Merchandise?

The MERCHANDISER is the LINK that connects the industry to the customer. He is responsible for every step of the process, including purchasing raw materials, making the garment, completing the garment, documenting, and shipping. The product will be made by him, and he is the one who is responsible for it.

When it comes to a garment export company, there are typically plenty of different departments, including merchandising as a hub for everything else. All departments in the office, as well as customers, must be coordinated by a merchandiser’s job. The merchandiser’s job is to build trust between the seller and the buyer.

Duties of merchandiser in the garment industry

What is Merchandising?

Merchandise management is a distinct area of expertise in the fashion business. Designers’ showrooms are transformed into retail sales floors, and then into customers’ hands, by this business. A retail company’s internal planning ensures that enough merchandise is available to be sold at a price that consumers are willing to pay in order to maintain a profitable business.

Duties of Merchandiser in Readymade Garment Industry


As a merchandiser, you must be able to communicate with buyers, suppliers, factory owners, fabric manufacturers, etc., in addition to other parties.


Every apparel merchandiser’s number one priority should be to master this skill. It is necessary that the samples develop in accordance with the instructions provided by the buyer. Prototype sample, fit sample, photoshoot sample, and salesman sample are all examples of different samples that can be created here.

internal orders processing

Internal order sheets for apparel merchandisers include costing sheets, booking sheets, and other types of paperwork..

Accessories and trims procurement

As soon as an order for garment exports has been confirmed, a garment merchandiser must order and stock all kinds of trimmings and accessories in accordance with instructions from the buyer

Purchase order processing

Purchase orders for fabric, sewing thread, trimmings, and accessories should be prepared by the garments merchandiser here.

Lab dips approval

An apparel merchandiser’s second most important job is to keep track of inventory. Initially, the lab dip should be done in accordance with the buyer’s recommendation and submitted to the buyer for its approval by the merchandiser. If it’s okay, the buyer has given the go-ahead for it to be used in garment manufacturing.

Production and Quality straemlining

In order to ensure error-free production, a garment merchandiser needs to establish good working relationships with the production and quality departments. Shipping the product on time is greatly impacted by this as well.


A pre-shipment inspection should be carried out. Here, the merchandiser plays an important role in inspecting the product using a strong quality department or third-party quality inspector.

Instructing the shipper

An apparel merchandiser’s final and most important job responsibility. Here, the merchandiser for garments advises the commercial department on the shipment of a garment export order with a variety of instructions. The products will be shipped to the buyer if the commercial department follows these instructions.


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