Get Started with Your First Blog Post

The fact is that blogging is one of the most effective methods of creating keyword-rich content for your website, promoting your message through search engines, and increasing website traffic. The question is, however, how do you begin blogging.

Many options are available to you if you want to start a blog. Using an online “standalone” service such as WordPress or Google’s Blogger is a great way to get started blogging quickly (and for free). Both new and more experienced bloggers can benefit from these free, highly customizable tools. However, you are unable to use the domain name that you previously used for your website.

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Consider the following example: If you are using Blogger, your blog address would be something like ‘’ Because it is a different domain than your current website, search engines will not recognise it and will not give you “credit” for the additional content. You can still benefit from the increased exposure that comes with having a blog, however, if you use creative cross linking techniques.

These free services offer powerful software tools that strike a balance between value, quality, and ease of use. They are available to anyone. While some people prefer to use more basic blog services, they can also reap the benefits of the “built-in” features of WordPress or Blogger, as well as the large community of users who already use these platforms.

One of the most noticeable advantages of these services is their ease of use, as well as their advanced functionality when compared to some blog software applications. There is no need to know any “coding” in order to create and post to your blog, as both Blogger and WordPress provide easy-to-use icons that are similar to those found in a word processing application. Having the ability to make use of a programme like this allows people to create blogs that are just as high-tech and comprehensive as full-fledged websites.

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The ability to import posts into WordPress is useful if you find yourself occasionally “offline.” You can create your blog while not connected to the internet and then import it when you are connected to the internet. In addition, if you are already a user of another blogging service, such as TypePad, you can import your posts directly into Blogger or WordPress.

The large widget or element and theme libraries provided by these services allow you to quickly and easily add useful features to your blog while maintaining a professional appearance. You can easily add features such as an RSS feed with a few clicks using a very simple drag and drop interface.

Blogging software, which you can directly integrate into your website, is another option worth considering. It is possible to use your existing domain name for your blog if you host it with a company such as GoDaddy. In addition, the content of your blog becomes part of what search engines see when they index your domain, which is an advantage. A monthly add-on fee to your hosting provider is more likely to be charged in these scenarios.

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As an alternative, Google’s Blogger allows you to publish to an FTP site, allowing you to blog from your own domain name. The flexibility of the ‘out of the box’ service is lost, but with a little effort, you can have a customised template and fairly simple posting capability that is hosted on your own domain and is accessible from anywhere.

It is possible to use blogging software that can be directly integrated into your website as your requirements evolve or if you are a more technically savvy blogger. bBlog is a blog that you should consider. Open source PHP/MySQL application, bBlog is free and open to the public for use. The following article is not for you if you do not understand the final sentence. If you do, you may be able to take advantage of the increased flexibility that an integrated application can provide.

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You have a wide variety of very inexpensive (or even free) options to choose from to get you started at the end of the day.

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