How to Block Others from Adding You in WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp Groups: How to Block Others from Adding You

It’s easy to stay in touch with friends and family across the globe thanks to WhatsApp groups. For simplicity’s sake, WhatsApp formerly allowed anyone with the other person’s phone number to join a WhatsApp group.

This had resulted in a big problem of people joining random WhatsApp groups without their permission.

Many users complained to WhatsApp, and the company decided to implement privacy options to stop people from joining arbitrary people to WhatsApp groups.

Group privacy settings were recently rolled out by WhatsApp to all users.

WhatsApp has added new group privacy options for both Android and iPhone users. These settings can be enabled on your smartphone by following these instructions.

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On your smartphone, how do you enable Group Privacy Settings?

In order to activate these settings on your smartphone, make sure that you have the most recent version of WhatsApp installed. It’s 2.19.308 for Android and 2.19.112 for iPhone.

You may get the latest version of WhatsApp by visiting the app’s respective Google Play Store and Apple App Store pages. Here are the actions to take after that is taken care of.

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How to prevent being added to WhatsApp groups by someone else

These instructions will help you prevent others from adding you to WhatsApp groups without your consent if you are using Android.

Group privacy on Android using WhatsApp is available for Android devices.

Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups is where you’ll find the group privacy settings for WhatsApp on Android.

  • Make use of the vertical three-dots icon on top-right of your Android phone to open WhatsApp.
  • Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to go to Settings > Account > Personal Information.
  • Select one of the three options available—everyone, my contacts or my contacts except…—then press Groups.
  • Anyone can join groups if you pick Everyone.
  • You can only be added to WhatsApp groups if you select My Contacts.
  • My Contacts Except is the final option, which allows only a few people to join WhatsApp groups on your behalf. Alternatively, you can press the Pick All icon at the top-right of the screen to select all of your contacts at once. You’ll receive a private message from these folks inviting you to join the group. After that, you have three days to accept or reject the invitation to join the group.

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How to stop someone from adding you to WhatsApp groups on an iPhone.?

To prevent others from adding you to WhatsApp groups, here’s how to do it on your iPhone.

  • Take a look at the bottom bar of WhatsApp and tap Settings.
  • You’ll then want to go to your account’s privacy settings and select Groups.
  • Choose one of the three options presented on the next screen: Everyone, My Contacts, or My Contacts Except. You can pick contacts one by one, or you can select all of them by hitting the Select All button at the bottom-right of the screen.

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