How to Record Google Meet Video Call

In this article you will learn about How to Record Google Meet Video Call. Our professors, students, coworkers, bosses, and even our loved ones all have to communicate with us through a virtual medium at some point in our daily lives. This is happening right now, and we’re all taking use of the free Google Meet applications. We can get even more out of Google Meet by recording our video chats. Google offers this for free.

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In this article, we will show you how to record a Google Meet Video Call as a student, instructor, or without permission so that you will never run out of questions to ask. It is possible to record teachings and essential sections of your conversation with anybody you are worried about.

How to Record Google Meet Video Call
How to Record Google Meet Video Call

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A conference? Is this a gathering? or maybe a significant workplace occasion? Even if it’s just a basic phone conversation from a loved one, you may record it by pressing the recording button (accessible in Google Meet) and following these easy steps:

  • Start or participate in a meeting on Google Meet by opening your browser and going to the site.
  • The three-dots button at the bottom right of the screen is where you should click during the video conference.
  • Accept the “Ask for permission” pop-up by clicking “Record meeting” in the toolbar.

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Recordings may be paused and resumed at any time. Or They can be stopped when all participants exit the video chat. The recording may be stopped by following a few easy steps:

The three-dot menu item may be found by clicking on it during a Google Meet call.

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Select the “Stop recording” option and confirm from the pop-up message.

It’s everything here. Recording and stopping a Google Meet meeting is now easy.

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The only people who can record a Google meet video call are the administrator, meeting organiser, professors, and students (if they’re all in the same organisation). Check out some third-party applications if you don’t have access to a permit.

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In the meeting organizer’s Google Drive, you’ll see a folder called “Meet Recordings,” where you can find all of your Google Meet recordings, as well as a confirmation email from Google.

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