Hypothesis: Formulation and Definition

Hypothesis: Formulation and Definition

Both “Hypo” and “Thesis” are part of the word hypothesis. For something to be considered “hypo,” it must be unproven or speculative. In this context, “thesis” refers to the problem-solving claim being made. Hence, a hypothesis is defined as a statement that is either false or highly speculative regarding the answer to a problem.

Hypothesis: Formulation and Definition

Hypothesis proposes an explanation for the issue, which must be tested through empirical analysis.

Another way to look at it is that the term “hypothesis” refers to the relative location of two or more independent variables within a given context, while “hypo” refers to the variables themselves.

Definition of Hypothesis

A hypothesis is a tentative generalization the validity of which remains to be tested. In its most elementary stage the hypothesis may be anyhunch, guess, imaginative idea which becomes basis for further investigation.


“Any supposition which we make in order to endeavor to deduce conclusions in accordance with facts which are known to be real underthe idea that if the conclusions to which the hypothesis leads are known truths, the hypothesis itself either must be or at least likely to be true.”

J.S. Mill

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