Internet speed still slow due to submarine cable failure

Internet speed still slow due to submarine cable failure

PTA says Transworld has successfully shifted international traffic over to SMW5 and is planning on increasing bandwidth to SMW5 within the next 48 hours.

According to a PTA spokesperson, the Consortium that manages TW-1 will soon announce the date for the TW-1 link’s restoration. It should be noted that the cable has still not been restored after more than 26 hours.

On Monday evening, a cable cut in the TWI submarine cable was reported, causing internet speeds in Pakistan to suffer. The cable cut was reported in the TransWorld submarine cable system at a distance of about 400 kilometres off the coast of Pakistan, according to PTA. The outage of international bandwidth caused by this fault has resulted in a degradation of internet services for Transworld users.

The consortium in charge of TW-1, according to a PTA spokesperson, is working to identify the fault and its severity, after which a restoration date will be announced.



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