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In this article, you will learn about Promoting Your Content on 13 Social Media Platforms

It’s not enough to just write and publish blog entries or articles on your own website. Listed below are 13 additional areas where you may, and should, post your material for others to see.To attract qualified visitors to your website, you must write and publish blog entries or articles.

A blog, resource section, or other area of a website that provides educational material. In today’s world, there’s a lot of content out there. It’s a very competitive environment. What if I told you that there are over 70 million blog entries written every month? It’s not enough to just post material on your website if you want to be noticed.

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Sharing your material on industry or specialist sites, in addition to popular ones like Medium, might help it reach a wider audience. Like a megaphone, publishing your material on various platforms may help it reach a larger audience. Are you interested in increasing the number of visitors to your website and the number of sales you generate? From the mainstream to the specialised, here are 20 venues where you should be promoting your work.

1. Medium for Promoting Your Content

for Promoting Your Content on 13 Social Media

With Medium’s import option, you can easily reprint your current content, but you can also utilise this platform as a method to drive more visitors to your complete blog entries on your own site. For example, toptutorguru provides samples of lengthy blog entries on Medium, and then links to the full item on their website.

If you don’t want your blog entries to be syndicated in their entirety, this is an option to consider. If you’re receiving a lot of attention on Medium, you may want to experiment with occasional Medium-exclusive content.

2. Reddit


Using Reddit to share material may be profitable, but only if done correctly. Some personnel with active Reddit accounts might periodically share business blog pieces once or twice a month to avoid being accused of “spamming” subreddits with their own material. These posts should be thoroughly vetted and give significant value to the readers.

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You should also Promot Your Content that your workers aren’t merely publishing corporate blog entries on Reddit, since Redditors can see what other Redditors are up to. Because if they’re not, they’ll be easy to find and your firm might be called out, which is never nice on a network as busy as Facebook.

3. LinkedIn Articles

for Promoting Your Content on 13 Social Media
LinedIn Articles

LinkedIn, like Medium, lets you syndicate blog entries as LinkedIn articles. Even though these articles don’t dynamically include rel=canonical links, Google doesn’t mark them as duplicate material (even though they show up on duplicate content search sites like Copyscape).

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Many individuals have created substantial subscription bases for their posts on LinkedIn due to their existing network. Users may subscribe to posts and be notified when the user publishes new content. Notifications like that aren’t available to your blog followers unless they subscribe to email notifications, which is a far higher commitment than ticking a box to get an in-platform notice on LinkedIn. Helpful for Promoting Your Content

4. BizSugar for Promoting Your Content

Promoting Your Content on  13 Social Media Platforms

Interested company owners and marketers who want to discuss growth and growth hacking themes may join our online forum for free. Among the tools available to users are goal setting templates and online events hosted by Bizsugar. Helpful for Promoting Your Content

5. Dzone


Over 1 million developers participate in the Dzone discussion board, where they exchange information and links on coding, cloud computing, and other topics. Helpful for Promoting Your Content

6. Twitter Brand Accounts

for Promoting Your Content on 13 Social Media

If your content is relevant to your company’s brand, you should consider adding it to your list of articles to share with your company’s social media accounts. If you like, you may schedule the article to be published numerous times over the course of several months. Helpful for Promoting Your Content

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7. Brand Facebook Page

Promoting Your Content on  13 Social Media Platforms
Brand Facebook Page

There’s another one that may seem apparent, but it’s important to mention. If you have a nice quotation from your material, make sure it is displayed properly on your website and send it out — presuming it is relevant to your target audience.

8. Facebook Groups for Promoting Your Content

for Promoting Your Content on 13 Social Media
Facebook Groups

It’s still possible to join Facebook groups! Facebook users tend to be more engaged in groups since they already use the site on a regular basis in their personal lives. Become a member of a few industry-related communities and post your finest material there once a month.Stay engaged in the chat or group by responding to questions, reading other people’s contributions, and actually participating in the conversation.

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9. SlideShare


It takes a lot of time and effort to produce quality material. Creating a SlideShare presentation from your best material is a great approach to make the most of your efforts. A simple format change may help you reach a broader audience. Helpful for Promoting Your Content

10. Quora for Promoting Your Content

for Promoting Your Content on 13 Social Media

When it comes to question and answer websites, Quora stands supreme. Questions are asked and answered by other users. It’s quite simple. To put it another way, it’s an excellent chance for businesses to find out what consumers are asking and write a thorough blog post in response.

The best way to come up with fantastic content ideas that will drive visitors to your site is to understand the issues that your target audience is facing.For example, if you offer the greatest picture-hanging nails on the market, why not share some of your knowledge on how to hang a picture on a wall?

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11. Growth Hackers for Promoting Your Content

for Promoting Your Content on 13 Social Media
Growth Hackers

Scaling up is a common goal for most firms in order to handle more work and face new challenges. If you’re looking to grow your business in any way possible, Growth Hackers is an online community of user-generated material that offers advice on a wide range of topics. All of the articles are in-depth and provide valuable information for a variety of specialised businesses. Make your point while showcasing the many strategies you’re using to expand your company. It’s definitely worth the money.

12. Flipboard for Promoting Your Content

Promoting Your Content on  13 Social Media Platforms

Using Flipboard is a great way to get a taste of the internet in bite-sized chunks. They disseminate material from every major magazine you can think of, and they target it to the individuals who are interested in it. The best strategy to get people to visit your blog directly is to sign up for an account and start putting your material on it. Keeping tabs on business news and even your personal social media accounts is a breeze with it. Helpful for Promoting Your Content

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13. Scoop.It for Promoting Your Content


Over two million people visit each month thanks to its organic traffic. It has become into a major marketing tool. Material curation software helps marketers locate trustworthy content that can be quickly shared on social media. It is possible to submit your material in the expectation that others will notice it and pass it along to their own social media followings. This programme makes it simple for everyone to share their material with the world. If you’re looking for fresh subject ideas, here is an excellent place to start.

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