Registration for PhD Scholarships in the United States has been extended by HEC

PhD Scholarship | US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor PhD Scholarship

The deadline to apply for the PhD Scholarship Program under the US-Pak Knowledge Corridor has been extended by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The deadline for applications for the scholarship program for the fall 2022 and spring (summer) 2023 semesters has been extended from February 28 to March 31, according to a tweet from the HEC on Tuesday.

It also stated that applications received after the deadline will be rejected.

What is the United States-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor?

The US and Pakistani governments decided to launch this initiative in 2015 with the goal of allowing 10,000 Pakistani PhD students to study at top-ranked US universities over the next ten years.

The US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor’s first phase was approved in 2017 and will be revised in 2020, with the goal of awarding 1,000 PhD scholarships to outstanding Pakistani students at US universities.

PhD Scholarship | US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor PhD Scholarship

What is the procedure for applying?

PhD aspirants can apply for scholarships under the US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor at the HEC’s Scholarship Portal, according to the HEC’s post. Any other method of submitting an application to the HEC will be ignored and immediately rejected.

Important Points to Remember

The US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor scholarships will be available for a maximum of 5 years.

At the time of application submission, applicants are not required to submit HEC-attested documents. Only those who have been shortlisted by HEC will be asked to submit documents that have been attested by HEC.

Any misstatement or misrepresentation of information in the application form can result in scholarship disqualification or cancellation at any point during the study.


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