Sleep Improves Our Health, Happiness, and Productivity

Happier Life Sleep Improves Our Health, Happiness, and Productivity in 6 Ways

Sleep Improves Our Health, Happiness, and Productivity in 6 Ways.

The first leg symbolizes excellent nutrition—eating complete foods in sensible portion sizes—while the second leg represents physical activity—getting some moderate-to-vigorous exercise on most days of the week. What about the third leg? A good night’s sleep is essential, as is getting enough of it. We’re more likely to become unwell, gain weight, and feel unhappy if we don’t get enough sleep, and our cognitive abilities, such as memory and thinking, might decrease as a result. Sleep deprivation can, in the worst-case scenario, increase our risk of two significant health problems: type 2 diabetes and heart disease [1].

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However, when you get enough quality sleep (seven to nine hours per night is ideal for most adults, though sleep needs vary greatly and you may require more or less than that), the benefits in all areas of your life—including your physical and emotional health, your relationships, and your career—are significant[2].

1. You’ll Be Able to Help Your Mind.

You’ll Be Able to Help Your Mind

When we’re constantly exhausted, we just don’t have the mental capacity we require to operate. Gray matter need sleep to consolidate memories, process emotions, and simply rejuvenate so that it can focus clearly the next day.

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2. You’ll Be a Star at Work.

You’ll Be a Star at Work

You may believe that working late would help you advance, but sleep is crucial if you want to perform at your best in any profession. You need a full night’s sleep not just to be focused and productive, but also to be refreshed and recharged in order to be creative at work.

Sleep (especially REM, or rapid-eye movement) is critical for memory, according to research, and dreaming may provide a key “incubation” period for the brain to analyse issues and come up with answers.

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3. You’ll maintain the health of your genes.

3. You’ll maintain the health of your genes.

Day in and day out, our genes instruct our bodies—or, more precisely, our cells—exactly what to do. A lot of sleep is required for genes to work correctly.
Chronic sleep deprivation (defined as less than six hours of sleep every night for one week) impairs the activity of around 3% of genes, according to a 2013 study conducted at the University of Surrey. That may not seem like a lot, but it includes hundreds of genes, including several that affect inflammation, immunity, and how we respond to stress.

4. You’ll Recover More Quickly From Setbacks.

4. You’ll Recover More Quickly From Setbacks.

The capacity to bounce back from setbacks and keep going forward is referred to as emotional resilience. That isn’t easy for everyone, but by creating a plan that includes appropriate sleep, you can increase your ability to bounce back.

When you’re well-rested, you’re less agitated, which makes it easier to deal with difficult emotions like anger and despair. Emotional awareness allows you to live your best life, and sleep allows you to acknowledge both conscious and subconscious feelings.

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5. You’ll appear to be younger.

Simply said, sleep is your skin’s greatest friend: it increases collagen synthesis, promotes skin repair and cell renewal, reduces breakouts, and keeps skin moisturized, all of which contribute to stiffness.

A short research of women in their thirties and forties conducted at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland discovered that sleep-deprived individuals had early skin ageing and were less able to recover after sun exposure. (To add insult to injury, the researchers discovered that bad sleepers were more likely to weigh more.)

6. Your Relationships Have the Potential to Get Better.

6. Your Relationships Have the Potential to Get Better.

When you’re really fatigued, who hasn’t been irritable? When your energy tank is constantly “empty,” tapping into your inherent compassion and patience is considerably more difficult. And it might have a negative impact on those closest to you over time. It’s simpler to take a big breath and act like the kind, loving person you are when you’re well-rested, though.

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