Top 10 Business News of the World

Business News of the World

Here are the top 10 business news from around the world:

  1. Global stock markets experience fluctuations due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Tesla becomes the world’s most valuable carmaker, surpassing Toyota.
  3. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google CEOs testify before US Congress on antitrust concerns.
  4. Microsoft acquires gaming company ZeniMax Media for $7.5 billion.
  5. TikTok faces potential ban in the US due to national security concerns.
  6. Airbnb files for an IPO despite the pandemic’s impact on the travel industry.
  7. Chinese economy shows signs of recovery with a 3.2% GDP growth in Q2 2020.
  8. The European Union agrees on a historic €750 billion stimulus package to aid member states affected by COVID-19.
  9. The United States reaches a $1.5 billion settlement with German automaker Volkswagen over emissions scandal.
  10. Indian government bans 118 Chinese apps, including popular game PUBG, citing national security concerns.

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