Types of Research

Types of Research

Research types can be categorized in a number of ways, each of which corresponds to a particular category.

(A) Based on the type of information:

We can divide research into two categories based on the type of information used;

  1. When information is presented as qualitative data, this is known as qualitative research I
  • When information is presented as quantitative data, this is known as quantitative research (ii).

(B) Based on the usefulness of the content or the nature of the research’s subject matter:

Using these criteria, we can divide the research into two groups.

  1. Basic, fundamental, pure, or theoretical research: This type of research is always useful.
  • Experimental or applied research’s applicability is constrained.

(C) Based on the research methodology:

Research can be divided into two groups, according to us.

  1. Longitudinal Research: Historical, case study, and genetic research are a few examples in this category.
  • Experimental and survey research are two examples of this type of study (ii).

(D) Based on the research methodology:

We can divide research into five categories based on the research methodology.

  1. Philosophical research: It is entirely qualitative in nature, and we are concentrating on how other people see the research’s subject matter.
  • Historical research: It examines historical events and is both qualitative and quantitative in nature.
  • Survey Research: It is quantitative in nature and deals with current events. It can also be divided into exploratory, correlational, and discretionary types of research.
  • Experimental research: This focuses on potential outcomes and is entirely quantitative in nature.
  • Case-Study Analysis: It covers peculiar occurrences. Depending on the content, it might be qualitative or quantitative in nature.


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