The term “competency mapping” is used to describe the process of figuring out what an incumbent needs to know and be able to do in order to carry out a job successfully and help an organisation reach its objectives. Here, the company’s or position’s most important skills are identified, and strategies for incorporating them into the organisation are developed.

To do this, you must determine whether the job requirements or the company’s needs are better suited to the skills you have. Competency Mapping is a useful tool for analysing an individual’s or a company’s relative advantages and disadvantages in a given area of expertise. At this point in time, it must be present if the task or job is to be completed successfully.

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Characteristics of Competency Mapping

In order to carry out the process of competency mapping, one must:

  • The process of figuring out what skills are required to do a specific job or fulfil a specific role at a specific time.
  • Competency assessment is the process of comparing an individual’s current skill set with an ideal one.
  • It entails breaking down the overall responsibility into manageable chunks. Then, outline the skills that must be possessed to do the job well. Competencies can be defined in a variety of ways, including technical expertise, managerial savvy, savvy in the ways of the mind, and conceptual acuity.
  • Establishing what skills are most important for a given role and company is the first step. The next step is to incorporate them into each procedure. Tasks like job analysis and personnel selection and instruction may fall under this category.
  • Organizations and individuals alike can use it to boost their performance.
  • In doing so, it assesses the strengths and weaknesses of current and prospective employees’ knowledge and abilities in relation to the demands of the labour market.

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What is Competency?

Competence refers both to one’s level of skill and one’s level of performance. Competency, however, is a different matter. Competence is attainable through the actions we take. Competence refers to a person’s abilities, while competency refers to his behaviour.

When we say that we have the competency to do something, we mean that we have the skill or ability to do that thing well and efficiently. It refers to aspects of a job that can be observed through the actions of workers. Knowledge, ability, aptitude, attitude, behaviour, personal suitability, and so on are all examples of components.

Process of Competency Mapping

  1. Figure out what it is you want to accomplish as a company.
  2. Categorize skills according to whether they are functional or behavioural.
  3. Assess the current staff’s skill set
  4. Set parameters for defining competences
  5. Find the signs of behaviour
  6. Find out where you stand in terms of expertise.
  7. Specification of Competency Levels


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